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Corporate Governance

The company has formulated various corporate governance standards in accordance with the "Code of Practice for Corporate Governance for Listed Companies", and has continued to strengthen information transparency and strengthen the functions of the board of directors to promote the operation of corporate governance. In addition, the board of directors also follows the responsibilities assigned by shareholders to guide the company's operations and effectively supervise the management functions of the business class.

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Complete employee welfare system

n order to strengthen the relationship between the company and colleagues, encourage colleagues to contribute their efforts, create more well-being, and take care of the lives of colleagues and establish a good company culture and spirit, the company established an employee welfare committee in accordance with the law, and the company allocated welfare funds in accordance with the law. The association handles related activities.

In addition, the company formulates employee retirement measures in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Standards Law, and forms a labor retirement reserve supervision committee to allocate labor retirement reserves in accordance with the law and store them in a special bank account in Taiwan for future payment of employee retirement reserves. Since July 1, 1994, in conjunction with the implementation of the Labor Pension Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "new system"), employees who originally applied to this method have chosen to apply the service years after the new system or employees who took up the job after the implementation of the new system. The service years are reformed to adopt a new system of definite allocation, and the pension payment is paid by the company on a monthly basis at not less than 6% of the monthly salary, and it is stored in the individual labor pension account.

Transparent financial information

The company upholds the principle of fairness and openness to all shareholders and fully discloses relevant information on the public information observatory. In order to ensure that shareholders have full knowledge, participation and decision-making rights on major issues of the company, in addition to regular shareholder meetings, there is also a spokesperson. And acting as the spokesperson to properly handle shareholder suggestions, doubts and disputes.

Based on the principle of information disclosure, the company establishes online reporting of public information according to the list of announcements or declarations to be made by Xingtan Company, and assigns a special person to be responsible for the collection and disclosure of company information. After review and confirmation by the relevant responsible supervisors, the relevant information will be processed Announce reporting matters and provide timely information that may affect investors' decision-making

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Market operation post system


Complete education and training

All regulations and measures related to labor relations of the company are implemented in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and the implementation is in good condition. Any new or revised measures related to labor relations are finalized after full agreement and communication between labor and management, and regular personnel are sent to participate in safety and health seminars. , Conduct pre-employment education and training for employees, schedule employee health checks, and provide employees with a comfortable and safe working environment.